Decision: Life Vision

Almost everyone agrees that having a life vision is a good thing.  But few folks can state theirs or regularly use their life vision to guide them when they face other decisions.  In Decision Driven® Life, I have framed the Life Vision decision with the following questions:

What is the one-line vision statement that provides focus and direction to my life?  What is my purpose for living?

How does one distinguish a “good” life vision from a mediocre one.  The top 3 factors that I look for:

Leave a legacy: A good life vision aims high and represents an end-of-life outcome that has a lasting positive impact on my world and those in it

Realistic: A good life vision doesn’t aim too high; it matches my abilities and circumstances.  I might want a vision, “To be the NBA’s all-time leading scorer”, but it’s not going to happen

Unique:  A good life vision should be unique to me; not a general statement of my creed or a cliche.  The best vision statements can only be achieved by one individual.

A well-framed life vision flows down to influence the remaining decisions that make up our lives.

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