Proactive Decision-making

For much of my early life, decisions were a surprise.  They popped up spontaneously like a fork in the road, seemingly out of nowhere.  They usually had a deadline that I had to scramble to meet.  I had to quickly find a friend who knew something about this topic, get their input and take the plunge.  I always had a nagging feeling that I was overlooking some important factors that would come back to haunt me.  I depended a lot on the Biblical principle, “the Lord preserves the simple” (Psalm 116:6) while wondering if He wanted me to stay that way (naive, stupid, unprepared).

Once I understood that life, business or engineering decisions follow a pattern, I realized the foolishness of continuing as a “reactive” decision-maker.  Although it’s taken a while to discern these patterns, I’m now almost never surprised by a decision that just pops up.  I can look at the pattern, anticipate the decisions that I will face at my next major life milestone or season-of-life transition and be “proactive” when attacking these decisions.  This gives me plenty of time to gather the appropriate information (which also follows a pattern) and produces both better decisions and lot greater peace of mind along the way.  Even when events beyond my control throw me into a new situation (e.g. a major illness diagnosed), I can check the pattern and use it to respond quickly to the new circumstances.

There is great power in proactive decision-making.  Like any other new life habit, you’ll have to apply a little effort until it becomes second nature.  But you have an advantage; through the Decision Driven® Solutions Framework (DDSF), the decision patterns that you need are readily available.   You just need to decide to start your journey toward becoming a proactive decision-maker.

Don’t be blind-sided; implement proactive decision-making for your business today by using the Decision Driven® Solutions Framework (DDSF). Please contact the Decision Driven® Solutions team at or to start your trial.


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