Decision: Good Habits to Promote

As I get feedback from Decision Driven® Life trial users, one thing stands out.  People are busy, perhaps too busy to add a new habit to their life; however valuable that habit may be.  Anyone familiar with Charles Hummel’s excellent booklet, Tyranny of the Urgent, understands that “urgent things crowd out the important.”

So I thought to get my head around this problem, I would use my own tool to examine the decision: Good Habits to Promote.  I have framed this decision as: ” What good habits and positive behaviors will I promote and weave into my character?”

I used my fictional example character, Jim GenY, a 20-something single, as the canvas on which to think through the challenge of which habits to form.  So acting as Jim, I blitzed through the “Make this Decision” steps:

My Criteria: personalize and prioritize the factors for this decision – what defines a good habit for Jim?

My Alternatives: Jim identified 4 habits that he might add to his life.

A) Early rising – for a daily devotional, time for meditation, reflection, study

B) Decision Driven® Life once a month – shine the light on an important decision and get creative about a fresh approach to that part of life

C) Daily jogging

D) Daily blogging

Think it Through: Evaluate these 4 alternatives against his prioritized factors.

Compare Alternatives:  Confirm his thinking by comparing the top 2 alternatives to highlight their advantages and disadvantages.

Here’s the Compare Alternatives results for Early Rising vs. Monthly Decision Driven® Lifing:

Good Habits to Promote

Not surprisingly, the monthly habit of tackling an important decision (using Decision Driven® Life, of course) was the most valuable life habit that Jim could form!  But it had one weakness relative to Early Rising – there are some decision-making skills to learn and a tool to master.  At one decision per month, that could take 4-6 months to build this habit-for-life, assuming it takes 4-6 repetitions of anything to start a decent habit.

Here’s my takeway from this exercise and my recommendation to anyone starting to use Decision Driven® Life.  For the first month (your trial period), tackle one decision every week.  Blow through the Make this Decision steps shown above.  This should take about an hour per decision; any decision that you consider important to your life will work.  By the end of the 4th decision, you should be reasonably proficient at decision-making and will have started a very valuable life habit.

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