Decision: Relationships – My Priorities

Yesterday was an interesting day.  I spent some time at a hospital and also with a fiery furnace (literally).  Both settings reminded of the importance of relationships in our lives.  People we love and trust and who return the favor are vital to our lives.  Of course, I have a decision for that, Relationships – My Priorities, that I have framed as, “How central will relationships be to my life?  Which relationships will have priority?“.

If you look at the top levels of the life decision pattern, you’ll see that this decision sits directly under Life Vision and on par with My Identity (who am I?) and My Vocation (what am I here to do?).  You could state the relationships decision as “Where do I fit?”

Relationships - My Priorities

If you’re a spiritually-minded person, please avoid the temptation of writing down the generic answer to this decision, “God first, then my spouse, then my children”.  How do you really balance your time and energies between various types of relationships?  What are the facts on the ground?  Would those individuals at the other end of each relationship agree with your answer or would they laugh out loud?  I think that most people use a more complicated scheme in real life that guides where they spend their time in building, maintaining and enjoying relationships.  Juggling is a dynamic behavior; what 3-5-7 relationships do you juggle? With what pattern?

If you have a “hermit gene”, I encourage you to get creative in this area.  Find ways to strengthen at least one type of relationship in your life.  It’s not impossible for a lone ranger to achieve a lofty life vision, but the scope of your legacy is usually linked to the richness of your relationships.

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