Quick win: I need a better answer

I’m wired to see the big picture of any situation (life, a business, a project) before I focus on a specific decision or issue to address.  Other folks (a large majority) are looking for “quick wins”.  You can use the Decision Driven® Solutions Framework (DDSF) from either perspective.

Let me highlight a quick win scenario.

My current answer for a specific decision is wimpy.  It may be that my life or business has moved on and the old alternative just doesn’t work any longer.  It may be that I drifted into my current answer or adopted it without thinking by following the crowd.  It may be that I’m feeling pain in this part of life or business.  Whatever the reason, I need a better answer.

I could revisit this decision from scratch and use the entire “Make Decision” process (Define Criteria, Define Alternatives, Evaluate Alternatives and Compare Alternatives) to address it.  That might take an hour or two, so first I’ll try a quick win shortcut:

  1. Use the Decision Breakdown Structure (DBS) tool to find the decision I’m concerned about. (1 minute)
  2. Record my current answer in the Decision Trace Tool – DTT (1 minute).
  3. Look through the factors (criteria pattern) in the DTT Criteria panel.  For the 3 factors for which my current answer is most “wimpy”, record my “Threshold” and my “Objective” values. (6 minutes)
  4. Open the Evaluate Alternatives window in the Decision Analysis Tool (DAT).  For the 3 factors above, drag-drop the alternative icon in the appropriate scoring band.   But instead of recording why it’s so wimpy, jot down 1 or 2 ways that I could make it better against this factor. Answer a question like, “What would I have to do to move this alternative from “Poor” to “Good”? (6 minutes)
  5. Toggle back to the Alternatives panel in the DTT and add some of my improvement ideas into the current alternative’s description.  Or think of different combinations of these ideas (1 from each factor) and create a new alternative from the best ideas.  Drag the new (or best new) alternative to the Committed band.  (6 minutes).

In just 20 minutes, I have a new and better answer for this decision.  Of course, I still need to make whatever changes are required to my life or business to make it happen.  That’s the meaning of a “Committed” alternative; I’m committed to it and committing resources to make it so.

Gain some quick wins by taking a fresh look at some of your important decisions. Please contact the Decision Driven® Solutions team at trial@decisiondriven.com or solutions@decisiondriven.com to begin a free organizational trial of DDSF.

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