New Demo: Decision Patterns

We have added a new demo on Decision Patterns under the Demos tab on the blog and will soon add this demo to the Decision Driven® Life site.  Decision patterns are a framework of decisions (fundamental questions that demand a solution/answer).   The first time you launch Decision Driven® Life, we populate your life decision model with approx. 120 decisions from our life pattern.

However, some of the decisions within the pattern are a special type that we call “Multiple answer” decisions.  For example, if you think through the decision “Talents/Skills to Develop” you will almost certainly conclude that you have a “portfolio” of talents and skills that deserve your effort to improve.  For each talent or skill that you identify, you can create a branch of child decisions that address your plan for growing these capabilities.  So there is a decision pattern associated with “Talents/Skills to Develop” that defines a cluster of decisions to consider for each talent or skill.

Multiple-answer decisions become the natural “fan-out” points in your life decision model; points where the model becomes truly unique to you.

Check out the Decision Patterns demo for more information on this important concept.

I would also appreciate some feedback on the demo format.  We have been using Flash movies (SWF files) in preparation for adding voice-over.  Are there other formats that you would prefer?

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