Decision: Talents/Skills to Develop

I’ve just populated the example decision, “Talents/Skills to Develop” for our fictional friend, Jim Geny.  This is a really significant choice under the My Identity branch because it lays the foundation of competencies that we will grow and leverage to achieve our life vision.

I have framed this decision as: “What are the primary talents (natural abilities) and skills (learned abilities) that I will seek to grow and use in pursuing my life vision?”

As such, this decision is a bit of discovery (who am I and what am I naturally good at?) and a bit investment (what should I add to my natural abilities to help me achieve my vision?).  We only have so much time and energy to invest in our personal growth, so we need to choose wisely where to invest it.

The context for this decision is shown below.

Talents-Skills to Develop - Context

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