Decision-a-week habit

My previous entry (The value of a decision) got me thinking further about the benefits of a decision-a-week habit.  By that, I mean the proactive decision-making discipline of shining the light on one decision each week.  This habit can help you creatively refresh the areas of your life that would naturally become stale or drift into the doldrums.

As I mentioned, 1 hour per week invested in this proactive decision-making habit should lead to the remaining 99 hours per week (your waking, discretionary time) to be significantly more productive and joyous.  That’s a very high return-on-investment (ROI).

We live in a media-rich age.  Many of you engage in some form of regular self-reflection and planning (daily quiet times, devotionals, blogging or journaling, etc.) supported by a variety of easy-to-use tools.  However, it’s very easy for self-reflection to be disconnected from real-world action and lasting change.  Blazing insights concerning ourselves or our calling quickly fade from view in the face of daily time pressures.  The decision-a-week habit has the big advantage of being explicitly tied to your actions; a decision isn’t really a decision unless it is accompanied by commitment of resources to make your new alternative a reality.  When you sit down to make (or revisit and make anew) a decision, you are already biased toward action; you intend to think through your alternatives and if a better alternative is discovered “make it so”.

In Decision Driven® Life, we have tried to provide you with an easy-to-use toolkit that is inherently decision-focused to help you take control of your life in manageable, bite-sized chunks.  Our life decision pattern breaks down the fundamental questions of life (that demand an answer/solution, hence your commitment/action) so you can attack them quickly and efficiently.

As with financial savings, there is a “compound interest” effect of starting now and making regular “deposits” to your life decision model.  Start today!

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