Stretching my life vision

Although a life vision is a useful, vital, critical, essential tool, it can occasionally be good for a laugh.  It’s always good to aim high, reach for the stars, go for the gold, but also to have a sense of humor about yourself.

So today I’m poking fun at my current life vision, “To be a trusted decision counselor to a network of businesses, ministries and individuals”.

  • Trusted: at least my grandsons Luke and Eli (age 4, 2) trust me.  To them I’m big and strong and almost as smart as Luke.
  • Decision counselor: A few folks once asked me for help with a decision; most don’t want to think that hard and just want the “answer” (Mustard or Mayo?).
  • Network: More than 2!
  • Businesses: At least a few of which are still around and profitable!
  • Ministries: Not exactly household names that you’ve seen on TV
  • Individuals: They won’t let me in front of groups, so I have to pick off the stragglers one at a time.

A good life vision should be realistic and should stretch us.

So is your life vision stretching you or are you stretching your life vision?

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