Decision management is more than decision-making

There are two fundamental ways to use our Decision Driven® Solutions Framework (DDSF), decision management and decision-making.  Most individuals are looking for quick wins and will naturally jump into decision-making.  That’s the process of thinking through and committing to a specific answer for one decision.  We provide 4 “Make this decision” tools to help you attack a decision.

Don’t overlook the power of decision management.  This is the broader use of a decision model or decision pattern to help you focus on the most important decisions.  Decision management helps you distinguish the “vital few” decisions from the “trivial many”.   We can extend “Pareto’s Law” to decisions and state that, in general, 20% of your decisions will have 80% of the impact on your life or your business.  But it’s hard to focus on anything when staring at mush, spaghetti or a haystack.  A proven decision pattern helps you separate a jumble of issues into manageable, well-framed decisions.

Decision management also includes maintaining alignment among multiple decisions.  This alignment has two dimensions, consistency in timing and consistency in requirements.  Look for more on these topics in future posts:

  • Decision Driven® Roadmaps
  • Decisions create requirements

I’ve gotten more benefit in my life and business out of decision management skills than decision-making.  I think that’s because most decisions, once the scope of the decision is clear, can be made successfully with a little analysis and lots of common sense.  However, if you don’t see the decision coming and or you can’t grasp a specific decision as a joystick or control knob, then all you can do is try to push the whole pile.  And that’s tough going.

In order to learn more about the Decision Driven® Solutions Framework (DDSF) and apply decision management to your business, we encourage you to start a DDSF trial today. Please contact the Decision Driven® Solutions team at or

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