Analogies between life and strategy decisions

Once when I was refining a decision pattern for Decision Driven® Strategy, I was populating the strategy Decision Breakdown Structure (DBS).  By a stroke of brilliance (actually an unintended copy error), I seeded the strategy decision pattern with the top 120 decisions from the life pattern.  At first I thought, “Nuts” but then realized that it would be quite easy to morph these life decisions into their closest strategy cousins.

The decisions that we make in life and those we make in business and engineering are quite similar.  For example, both models begin with a Vision decision that guides and influences all others.  The life pattern has a “Talents/Skills to Develop” decision that serves the same purpose as “Core Competencies” in a business.  Our “Life Vocation” decision matches well with a “Value Chain Strategy” by defining what role we will play in adding value to our world as individuals or businesses.  Our “Career” and “Service Opportunities” are a good analogy for “Target Markets” by defining where and with whom we will strut our stuff.

Diving deeper, the same types of criteria apply to these decision cousins.  In a business or engineering decision, the criteria tend to be stated more precisely, with clearly defined units of measure.  However, almost every decision must address similar factors: time/effort, money, effectiveness, compatibility, compliance, consistency.

If your organization adopts the Decision Driven® Solutions Framework (DDSF) for its strategy and product development decisions, we will make available our rich life decision patterns upon request. By using DDSF for both business and personal decisions, you will gain many more learning cycles on the use of these powerful tools and rapidly improve your decision-framing and decision-making skills. If you haven’t begun this journey, please contact the Decision Driven® Solutions team at or to begin a free organizational trial of DDSF. If you do, I’m sure you’ll discover many more analogies between life and strategy decisions.

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