Decision Driven® Roadmaps

In my consulting business, I’ve helped clients build and maintain a rich set of roadmaps.  Roadmaps are a method to visualize and guide the evolution to technologies, products, platforms and even strategies, organizations, business models and markets.  Roadmaps are a powerful tool to maintain alignment across many “moving parts” in an industry or business.

At their core, roadmaps are just “decisions put to time”.  As I’ve discussed previously, a decision is “a fundamental question or issue that demands an answer or solution”.  If you take any Decision Breakdown Structure (DBS) and turn it on its side to form a set of rows (one row per decision), you can display the alternatives as a set of bars on a timeline.  Presto – you have a roadmap!  The decisions form a stable framework; the alternatives evolve as one technology replaces another or as a product portfolio grows, diverges or converges.  The questions (decisions) are stable; the answers (alternatives) can and must change if the business (or individual) is to survive and thrive.

The Decision Driven® Solutions Framework (DDSF) provides an optional integrated roadmap capability that you can use to fast-forward your decisions and proactively align them.  This can help you prepare for your next season of life or the next phase of your business.  Or you can use the roadmap as it applies to your life, to capture where you’ve been; to record the evolution of your identity, values, relationships, career or lifestyle.

If you plan, make and manage your decisions in the Decision Driven® Solutions Framework (DDSF) and then you can easily use the Roadmap capability give these decisions a time context to visualize their evolution. In order to get started, please contact the Decision Driven® Solutions team at or to begin your DDSF trial today.

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