Decision: Bad Habits to Overcome

We all know this is true.  We would have more time, energy and zeal for proactive decision-making to create a better future if we didn’t consume so much time and energy feeding our bad habits, destructive behaviors and outright sins.

I’ve included a “Bad Habits to Overcome” decision within our Decision Driven® Life pattern to provide a handle on this darker side of our lives.  The first step is identifying the target(s) to attack, so I’ve framed this decision as: “What bad habits (addictive or destructive behaviors, sins) will I proactively seek to overcome?”.

For each sin (I’ll use the harshest label) that we identify as a target to knock off, we should first settle on a “Guiding Principle” that will govern our approach to overcoming this behavior.  If something is clearly called out as a sin, a violation of God’s principles and our conscience, we will likely attack it differently than if we see it as just an embarrassing habit.

Bad Habits to Overcome

Once we have settled on our guiding principle, we can then generate and evaluate a range of proactive methods to overcome this problem.  These decisions address who we will partner with (overcoming this stuff often takes outside help and voluntary accountability) and a range of methods to prevent the habit from taking hold, to control it going forward if we’ve been ensnared and to adopt new life patterns to replace the habit and help us sustain victory.

So do yourself a big favor – identify at least one bad habit to overcome, be proactive and take control of this area by making these decisions today.

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