Do it yourself or get some help?

One of the reasons that a Decision Driven® life appeals to me is my genetic wiring as a do-it-yourselfer.  My father was the ultimate example of self-taught master of many things and someone who was willing to learn something and take a risk by immediately putting it to use.  He grew up on a farm fixing stuff, learned TV repair through a correspondence course and opened an appliance and TV repair shop in 1952.  He built 3 houses by himself, the last 2 on a ten acre property that was affectionately known as “Agony Acres” because of some of the setbacks experienced by do-it-yourselfing and pay-as-you-go funding.  He could build virtually anything out of spare parts (the air compressor on the push mower chassis was my favorite) and keep it running with whatever he scrounged to find when something broke.  His contraptions were functional; his motto was “Good enough” and I doubt if OSHA would have approved.

I was born with none of my father’s mechanical skills, but found that I had the same do-it-yourself bent when it came to ideas, concepts, methods and processes.  The Decision Driven® Solutions Framework (DDSF) is really the product of 25 years of my willingness to learn something and immediately try it out everywhere I could.  That has landed me back in Agony Acres a few times, but more often produced good results and an ever-expanding set of personal competencies.

So for those of you who are genetically wired to do-it-yourself, I challenge you to jump into the Decision Driven® Solutions Framework (DDSF) and extend its decision patterns into new areas.  For those of you are just looking for some help and want to stay out of Agony Acres, you’ll find the decision patterns to be powerful, proven and safe tools that are ready for your use.

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