Decision: Our Vision

Every business, business unit or non-profit organization has a vision.  It may be:

  1. A well-thought, well-articulated statement of purpose that your entire team has fully bought into.
  2. The sum of all your moving parts, as the individuals on your team act in their own interests.

It’s probably somewhere between #1 and #2.

A vision is like a magnet; it creates a pull in a common direction.  But which direction?  Your organizational vision is a decision.  Like any other decision, it’s a fundamental question that demands an answer or solution.

In the Decision Driven® Strategy pattern, I’ve framed the “Our Vision” decision as “What is the one-line vision that will be our unifying theme and statement of purpose?”  Not all vision statements are created equal; some are better than others.  You can use the following factors to evaluate the “goodness” of your current vision statement:

Our Vision - Criteria in DTT

Our Vision – Criteria

I’ll mention the top 3 criteria:

  • Value created: A good vision statement aims high and represents lots of value delivered to your stakeholders and shareholders
  • Realistic: A good vision statement is do-able; it‘s matches your capabilities.
  • Unique: A good vision statement should distinguish you from your competitors

Of course, you should personalize and prioritize these factors to match your circumstances (reorder them within priority bands and set your Threshold and Objective values for each factor).  Then you can use them to test various vision statements to discern the one that’s the best fit for your organization.

We provide a simple drag-drop Evaluate Alternatives tool within the Decision Driven® Solutions Framework (DDSF) to help you with this evaluation process.  A 30 minute investment in refreshing your vision can have a huge payoff.

The vector sum of random motion is zero!

Craft your vision statement by using the Decision Driven® Strategy pattern and continue on to other decisions in the pattern to build your strategy. Start your free trial of the Decision Driven® Solutions Framework (DDSF) today by contacting the Decision Driven® Solutions team at or

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