Decision: Brand Identity

In the Decision Driven® Enterprise Strategy pattern, the top decision, Our Vision, has 6 child decision branches.  The first branch begins with a decision, Brand Identity. I have framed this decision as “What is the identity that we project and that others associate with our brand?

Brand Identity Decision Pattern - Tree view

Brand Identity Decision Pattern – Tree view

This decision branch addresses both the image we project outward to others (and how we will preserve and promote it) and also the foundation of our brand, our Core Values (who we really are on the inside).

Although there may be cases where there is very little connection between your values and your brand, most businesses and non-profits sincerely want to “walk the talk“.  It’s very difficult to sustain a brand image that’s a hollow sham; it’s easy to do so if all the members of your team are committed to a set of common values that strongly support the brand.  Core values have a way of fizzling out over time, so we have included a Promotion Strategy decision that can be tackled to build and maintain genuine commitment (belief and practice) among your team for each core value that you identify.

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