Decision: Product Concept

Deep in the Target Markets branch of the Decision Driven® Strategy decision pattern, we eventually reach the Product Concept (aka Solution Concept/Design) decision.  For each product that you identify within your product portfolio, the product concept can be elaborated into a rich hierarchy of design decisions.

Product Concept decision pattern-tree

Product Concept Decision Pattern – Tree

Every product should start with the user in mind.  So beneath the Product Design decision, you’ll find a branch, Use Cases to Support that addresses what the product will enable the user to do (which missions it will help accomplish).  For each use case (mission, usage scenario), you should think through the Value Proposition that your product offers, i.e. how will your product uniquely help the user in this situation?

Once you’ve clarified what the product will do and how well it will do it, you’re ready to dive into the remaining engineering-focused decisions in the model.  The sum of all the functionality required to deliver the use cases and their value propositions sets the bar for the remaining decisions to clear.  I’ll explore these product design decisions in some detail in future posts.

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