Criteria: Value Chain Strategy

In a previous post on the Value Chain Strategy decision, I mentioned that the Decision Driven® Solutions Framework (DDSF) helps me attack a new portion of the business services value chain.  In the past, I’ve been a methods researcher/integrator/innovator and a consulting services provider.  Now I’m moving towards being a decision management platform provider.

If I evaluate my past value chain “plays” against the typical criteria for such a decision, these were good alternatives when I launched my consulting business in 1995.  By teaching workshops on “human thinking patterns” (aka problem-solving, decision-making) and blending these rational process skills into a Systems Engineering process, I had learned some unique and valuable lessons that made me Able to differentiate my services from others.  Both of these business models provide more than adequate Results, both financially and in the sense of making a difference in this world.  They also had a very low Cost to pursue; it doesn’t take much capital to start up a consulting services practice.  Because my discoveries were centered around an overlooked capability, Decision Management, I generally had this niche to myself; my Weak competitors were focused on traditional decision-making (aka decision analysis) services.

Value Chain Strategy - Criteria

Value Chain Strategy – Criteria

However, my value chain alternatives suffered from 2 weaknesses:

  • Segment Size – Growth: Generally speaking, only a few large, high-tech companies have research or process organizations with the ability to make long-term investments that translate leading-edge methods into deployed capabilities.
  • Stability: Under competitive pressures, these research and process improvement labs often go “poof”, so being a methods researcher/innovator can go through cycles in which there are few or no customers to serve.  The same competitive pressures can trigger simultaneous CEO “no-consultants” bans that squash the other half of the business.

By repackaging my decision management services into decision patterns delivered through a web-based software platform, I open the door to reach out to the much larger and growing audience of small businesses.  I count it a privilege to be an enabler of these entrepreneurs; their willingness to take the risks that will create new jobs and new industries is the key to our future prosperity.

Evaluate your value-chain strategy by starting a trial of the Decision Driven® Solutions Framework (DDSF). Please contact the Decision Driven® Solutions team at or

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