Decisions can be fun!

Recently I’ve been writing quite a few deep and thoughtful blog entries on serious subjects that relate to accelerated strategy and product development (e.g. Massively parallel thinking, Thinking Breakdown Structures, Accelerate Ideas into Reality, etc.).  I don’t want to lose sight of a simple truth – Decisions can be fun!

Decisions are how we human beings create (invent, discover, shape, influence, realize) the future.  There’s a joy, a sense of deep satisfaction that comes with accepting that role and taking charge of our destiny.  I can sense God’s smile when I make a decision; it’s how I partner with Him to create a better future for myself and the others in my sphere of influence.  It wouldn’t hurt to punctuate a decision with an occasional shout of triumph, “Glory!”.

Decisions can be fun; they offer an opportunity for innovation.  Few things can compare to the adrenaline rush that comes from the spark of a new idea that you sense could be a real breakthrough.  It’s as if the idea pulls you along into a brighter future.  It’s humbling to think that I might be the first human being to combine A, Q, and Z together to meet a real human need.  Time for another, “Glory!”.

Decisions can be fun.  They offer an opportunity for collaboration with others around a set of common goals.  Watching a solution unfold while appreciating the role of every contributor multiplies the joy of the experience.  You can sense that something greater than yourself is at work.  “Glory!” again.

If you’re facing a decision today, don’t forget to enjoy the experience.  Dive in and have a blast!

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