Knowledge pull

We live an increasingly knowledge-centric world.  Every year products get smarter; but those who use them – NOT SO MUCH.

I think decision patterns will be the next great leap ahead in both smarter products and smarter users.   Once a decision pattern for any type of situation has been created and proven through a few learning cycles, it can be made available to users in a way that creates a knowledge pull.  There are plenty of resources available to help folks find information, but most individuals don’t really have a big picture view of what information they need.  A proven decision pattern provides this in the form of well-framed decisions (fundamental questions that demand an answer or solution) and criteria (measures of effectiveness that should be considered when evaluating alternatives).  Those are the most stable and valuable bits of knowledge within any forward-looking (future-creating) situation.  All other knowledge fits into the context of this framework; just begs to be filled in and used to move ahead.

The possibilities are endless …

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Innovator in Decision Management, Systems Thinking and System Engineering methods and tools
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