Transforming science into technology into products into business

Decisions create your future!

Whether you think of launching a new business from a top-down perspective (starting from your Vision) or bottom-up (starting from a promising scientific behavior to exploit and build around), the value of your business is created one decision at a time.  When you’re done, there will be a linked thread/network of value-creating decisions from science to technology to products to strategy to vision.

The good news is that the Decision Breakdown Structure (DBS) for your business already exists, at least as a proven decision pattern that can be quickly turned into an aligned set of science, technology, product and business roadmaps that can guide your project from Day 1.  By making these decisions visible on Day 1, you enable your team to do massively parallel, creative, accelerated and aligned thinking.  By using a common methods engine and toolset to attack each decision, you improve decision quality, efficiency and communication while growing the skills of your team.

You can add lots of overhead to this process in the form of documentation, gates and approvals, but you can’t make it any simpler than decisions; they create the value.  So keep it simple and first and foremost proactively manage your project as a Decision Breakdown Structure (DBS).

Don’t just change, transform your business today by creating the breakthrough products that will enable them to thrive in the marketplace. Start your free trial of the Decision Driven® Solutions Framework (DDSF) by contacting the Decision Driven® Solutions team at or

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