Criteria: Research Strategy and Study Concept

Yesterday I described the decision pattern associated with a Research Strategy.  Within the Decision Driven® Solutions Framework (DDSF), a decision pattern includes a structured set of well-framed decisions (fundamental questions that demand an answer/solution) and the typical criteria (stakeholder objectives, parameters, constraints, factors to consider) for each decision.

The criteria pattern for the Research Strategy decision is shown below:

Research Strategy-Criteria

Research Strategy-Criteria

A Research Strategy may include a set of studies/experiments that investigate different aspects of the proposed product’s operating regime.  The following criteria can be used to optimize the Study Concept (experiment design) for a specific study:

Study Concept-Criteria

Study Concept-Criteria

Both of these decisions share quite a few common criteria; ideally they use proven methods to produce a lot of new, high value, trusted knowledge quickly and at low cost.

Define your research strategy with the ready-to-use patterns available within the Decision Driven® Solutions Framework (DDSF). Begin today by contacting the Decision Driven® Solutions team at or to start your free trial of DDSF.

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