Decision: Market Research Strategy

“Look before you leap” is generally good advice before you do anything new and different.  Pursuing a new business opportunity or market segment is new and different enough to justify some proactive thinking before you dive in.  It calls for a Market Research Strategy.  I’ve framed this decision as “How will we gain insight into the needs of this market segment or opportunity?

The context for this decision within the Decision Driven® Strategy decision pattern is shown below.  You may have a unique market research strategy for each target market, market segment or business opportunity that you pursue or you may develop a common strategy that spans multiple similar opportunities.

Market Research Decision Pattern-Tree

Market Research Decision Pattern-Tree

Market Research Decision Pattern-Table

Market Research Decision Pattern-Table

You may outsource part of this effort, so there is a child decision that addresses the selection of your market research partners and their roles.  Different research methods yield different types of information, so you may have another child decision that helps you identify the specific techniques that you will use as building blocks of your information gathering strategy.  The alternatives in your overall market research strategy may be various combinations of these “Who” and “How” building blocks

Here is some criteria that you can use to help you evaluate various market research strategies:

Market Research Strategy-Criteria

Market Research Strategy-Criteria

Plan your Market Research strategy by leveraging the proven patterns available within the Decision Driven® Solutions Framework (DDSF). Please contact the Decision Driven® Solutions team at or

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