Drain the swamp

People are really, really busy these days.  The best and brightest workers are the busiest; the reward for great work is more work.  Everyone seems so busy fighting operational fires that they have almost no time to invest in strategic decisions that will create a better future.  Yet they must…

To mix in a few more metaphors, here’s a few ideas (an ounce of prevention) that could help you rid your backside of alligators by draining the swamp:

  • Get help to capture a strategic decision baseline against a proven decision pattern.  Use this to identify your top 10 open decisions.
  • Figure out ways to get help to attack these decisions in parallel.  Distribute these well-framed decisions to the lesser mortals on your team.  Use proven criteria patterns to make sure they ask the right questions, but don’t nit-pick the analysis details.  Become a decision manager more than a decision-maker.
  • Stop writing documents.  Capture the essence of your thinking in the Decision Management tool, a core capability within the Decision Driven® Solutions Framework (DDSF) web service.  Think and capture your thinking electronically in one step.  Think well, write little.
  • Grow the strategic decision management capabilities of your team.  There’s no other way to make a collective leap ahead without a 2, 3 or 5X improvement in these thinking skills.   Don’t let your legacy be that “He/she could do it all”, but rather “He/she showed me a better way and gave me a chance to grow”.

Decision patterns are available.  Easy-to-use web-based tools are available.  Training is available.  Consulting jump-start service packages are proven, primed and ready.  So put down the hose, forget the alligators for 10 seconds and make the call!

We encourage you to start a DDSF trial today. Please contact the Decision Driven® Solutions team at trial@decisiondriven.com or solutions@decisiondriven.com.

About decisiondriven

Innovator in Decision Management, Systems Thinking and System Engineering methods and tools
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