Strategic roadmapping jump-start service

In conjunction with the Decision Driven® Roadmaps tool within the Decision Driven® Solutions Framework (DDSF), I’m re-launching a new consulting service, a Strategic Roadmapping Jump-Start.  I’ve delivered many variants of this service with high-tech clients over the last decade, but I’m really excited about offering this service now that I have a powerful, but simple-to-use web platform to support it.  Here’s why you should give it a go!

Decision Driven® Strategy delivers results:

  • Manage your technologies, capabilities, products and market strategies in an integrated framework
  • Align strategic decisions, market requirements and R&D project plans
  • Fast-forward your thinking, visualize the future state of strategic decisions and get the jump on your competition
  • Rationalize your portfolio of R&D projects against your market/product strategies
  • Accelerate high-value technologies, capabilities and solutions into reality

Decision Driven® Solutions offers a unique approach to strategic roadmapping of technologies, capabilities and products.

We focus first on the decisions behind the roadmap. These decisions provide a powerful living framework from which to forecast and proactively manage change.   Roadmaps are created as views of “decisions put to time”.

Our strategic roadmapping jump-start delivers immediate results and grows lasting capabilities:

We use our proven decision and roadmap patterns to rapidly create a Decision Breakdown Structure (DBS) that captures the essence your business.

We teach you one simple, powerful, integrated method for managing strategic decisions and roadmaps.

We provide a rich web-based platform to help you think through, align and communicate your strategy.

We offer flexible jump-start engagements tuned to meet your objectives.  We’ll do the heavy-lifting to capture your strategic baseline.  Action-learning workshops will deliver world-class strategic roadmapping skills.  We will facilitate tough decisions, guide process deployment and help you gain insights and harvest patterns for future use.

Decisions create your future.
Roadmaps fast-forward your decisions into the present.
Don’t wait – create your future today!

To jump-start strategic roadmapping for your enterprise and experience the power of the Decision Driven® Solutions Framework (DDSF) through a free trial, please contact the Decision Driven® Solutions team at or

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