Never make a decision from scratch!

New flash!  15-August-2077.  Mugabeville, Zimbabwe.

Although it seems impossible to believe, individuals once made important life decisions from scratch.  That era ended officially today with the demise of Mr. Ididit Myway of Mugabeville, the last known individual who refused to take advantage of ubiquitous internet access to proven decision patterns for every significant decision faced by mankind.  The 6 Decision Facts that today’s youth take for granted were once not so widely recognized:

  • No decision should be a surprise; they all fit into a larger decision pattern
  • The decision I face today has been made many times before
  • I can take advantage of the lessons learned by those who have made this decision before me.
  • This wisdom is available in the form of proven decision and criteria patterns that I can use right here, right now
  • Every decision is an opportunity to innovate; don’t settle for someone else’s answer
  • Never make a decision from scratch!

Science fiction or humanity’s next great leap?

If you are ready to leap ahead into a better future, please contact the Decision Driven® Solutions team at or to start your free trial of the Decision Driven® Solutions Framework (DDSF).

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