Life Roadmaps – Managing Dependencies

I’ve been populating a sample Life Roadmap within the Decision Driven® Life web service for a fictional 20-something, Jim Geny.  Here’s a filtered view of this roadmap that focuses on the alignment between 3 decisions:

  • Life Vision
  • Talents/Skills to Develop
  • Good Habits to Promote
Life Roadmap Example

Life Roadmap Example

Jim has started to think about what it will take to achieve his “next” life vision, to lead a housing non-profit to help the needy.  Jim isn’t fully committed to this vision yet – he’s immersed in his current vision, starting a new and innovative service business within his community.  However, Jim is being a proactive decision-maker; he’s done a quick inventory of his skills and life habits and realized that preparation for the future opens doors to new opportunities.  He has some of the skills and life habits that it will take to lead a non-profit, but has identified a few gaps to fill:

  • Daily blogging
  • Conflict resolution
  • Public speaking
Life Roadmap - Dependencies

Life Roadmap - Dependencies

Think for a second about what Jim has done.  He has envisioned a new and potentially better future for his life.  He has identified the dependencies (prerequisites, enablers, predecessors) that will create this new future for himself (or block it if not supplied).  He has started to time-align these prerequisites so that his new and promising future won’t be delayed and may even be accelerated into reality.  In doing so, he has fast-forwarded several decisions into the future and thought through how these decisions will interact.  He has taken proactive control of his future.

Human beings have the amazing ability to envision the consequences of a course of action before it occurs in space and time.  Life roadmapping powered by dependency thinking is a very high-value example of proactive thinking.  This type of thinking is fairly common in business (e.g. technology or product roadmapping, project management, critical path/chain analysis), but until now there haven’t been easy-to-use tools to bring this power to regular folks for whole life management.  With Decision Driven® Life, I hope to fill this gap and help you accelerate your future.

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