Think smarter!

My hope for you all on Labor Day is related to the old cliche, “Work smarter, not harder“.  However, I believe hard work is generally good for your soul, so let’s truncate the cliche to “Work smarter“.

Although I used to make a few bucks through manual effort (pouring concrete in my college days), I don’t do a lot of physical labor to earn my meager living as a decision management consultant.  So “Think smarter” is a more appropriate well-wishing cliche for me to offer you this Labor Day.

Unfortunately, I’ve seen a few hundred too many dumbed-down or deceptive TV commercials and heard too much political spin and empty rhetoric in the past few weeks, all of which seems to be based on a single assumption, “People are stupid”.  Evidently, all but 5 of us will get a huge tax break while we spend trillions of dollars to overcome the laws of physics in a decade and power all our cars with the wind.  If you believe that I’d like to sell you a miracle cure – a wax crayon that you can apply directly to your forehead …

I’d like to believe better, so I’d be thrilled if you reverse the trend of western civilization, decide to stand in the gap, dare to be different, turn off the TV and just “THINK“.

Have a wonderful Labor Day!

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