Decision baselines: a dynamic plan of record

It’s always helpful for your business to have a plan of record; a baseline plan that your entire organization can see and align their efforts against.  However, if you are pushing the envelope of new technologies, new products, new markets and new business models, the plan of record quickly becomes ancient history.

Business situations with high uncertainty and volatility demand a dynamic, agile strategy and planning capability.  You want your plan of record to include more than the execution plans for your decisions; it should capture the rationale behind your decisions so new information can be quickly assessed for its impact on the plan as a whole.  Some new data may overturn existing decisions and drive a switch to a new alternative (or one previously rejected); other data may be absorbed without toppling over any decisions within your strategic baseline.

If you have a set of proven decision patterns like those I provide in my Decision Driven® Solutions Framework web service, you can quickly capture a decision baseline of your top 20-50 strategic decisions (fundamental questions/issues that demand an answer/solution), the alternatives you considered and your rationale behind the plan of record.  This information gives you a dynamic Decision Breakdown Structure (DBS) from which to quickly assess changes; a platform that supports strategic and operational agility.

Volatile and uncertain situations call for a greater emphasis on time to market and time to capability.  You can’t afford long projects that never deliver any useful capabilities.  A decision baseline can be used to support massively parallel and aligned thinking that can accelerate these ideas into reality so you have a robust set of solutions that you can employ quickly when conditions change.  Time to capability is everything!

In order to accelerate your product development by leveraging the capability of the Decision Driven® Solutions Framework (DDSF), we encourage you to start a DDSF trial today. Please contact the Decision Driven® Solutions team at or

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