Decision déjà vu

We’ve all been there. You are sitting in a meeting and it dawns on you:

We’ve made this decision before. Why are we struggling with it again?

Perhaps it was on your last project when you wrestled with essentially the same choice. Perhaps it was last month, when you thought this decision had been nailed down, only to resurface.

No memory of why A was chosen over B. Ed always wanted C and wants the debate to be reopened. Sharp words. Team divided again. More time wasted.

Why can’t we build on our best thinking of the past? Why do we always have to reinvent the wheel? When will the second-guessing stop?

Project status reports. Lots of tasks, dates, numbers. Seems you’re counting the wrong things. As if the project was launched with Ready! Fire! Aim!

How is the project really doing? Do we have the best solution? What critical decisions have we overlooked? Should we even pursue this business?

New strategy presented. Lots of pretty graphics. Seems like a great concept, but…

What are they really selling here? Do we have tunnel vision? Are we stuck on our favorite technology again? What factors did they consider? What factors did they overlook?

We need a better method…

We should never make a decision from scratch!

Never make a decision from scratch. In order to leverage the decision patterns available within the Decision Driven® Solutions Framework (DDSF), we encourage you to start a DDSF trial today. Please contact the Decision Driven® Solutions team at or

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