Open Innovation thoughts

Last week I attended Co-Dev 2015, an Open Innovation conference held in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Co-Dev 2015 was an outstanding gathering, bringing together innovation leaders from diverse industries, all eager to share their successes and challenges in growing an Open Innovation culture and building the Open Innovation capabilities of their companies.

I was particularly impressed by the “we’re all in this together” mindset that promoted free sharing of best practices and honest admission of problems to avoid.  I’ve always tried to live by the motto of “Pay a price to learn something, then give it away as freely as possible”.  The value of knowledge multiplies with turnover, not by the thickness of the vault that you hide it in.

I captured many rich nuggets of knowledge that I plan on leveraging as we apply our Decision Driven® Solutions Framework (DDSF) to the Open Innovation market space.  I’m convinced that decisions are the ultimate innovation accelerator; Co-Dev 2015 helped me better understand where our decision patterns, methods and tools can provide unique value to organizations who are struggling with various Open Innovation challenges.

Look for coming posts to elaborate on these ideas.

If your organization is looking for a better way to innovate widely, collaboratively, rapidly and in a way that aligns with your enterprise strategy, I encourage you to start a free DDSF trial today.  Please contact us at or

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