Update to Decision Patterns

The Decision Driven® Solutions Framework (DDSF) has built-in support for the use of knowledge patterns.  This includes the ability to create and maintain a hierarchical pattern for a set of requirements, decisions or architecture elements.  These patterns can be used to seed new projects to jump-start, accelerate and improve the quality of strategy and design efforts.

The DDSF pattern capability uses a simple Copy – Pattern Paste mechanism that builds a “pattern link” between the pattern elements (that are copied) and the instances that are created from them.  These links enable the owner of the patterns to gather lessons learned on how each pattern has been used and to leverage this feedback to continuously improve the pattern quality, completeness and ease of use.

We have just completed an update to the decision patterns that are available within the Decision Driven® Solutions Framework (DDSF).  We grouped these patterns into 7 Decisions modules based on the typical use cases for the framework.  If you are involved in strategic planning, portfolio management, process design, product/service design, courseware design or technology R&D, these patterns can provide a powerful aid to help you rapidly build a Decision Breakdown Structure (DBS) for your project.  By explicitly framing your strategy or design problem as a set of discrete, loosely-coupled decisions, you will take the first step toward taking proactive control of your project’s future.

Decision Pattern Refresh Horizontal Layout

If you are an entrepreneur or a business incubator/consultant that supports start-ups, you can use the Enterprise Strategy and Product Design decision patterns to accelerate your great new ideas into reality and to help you think through the broader issues associated with a successful business.  Use the Service Design and Courseware Design decision patterns if your solutions fall into those camps.

If you are responsible for growing your organization’s core competencies, use the Capability Design: Process and Capability Design: Technology decision patterns to build your portfolio of solution enablers.  Leverage the Research Strategy decision pattern to guide your studies and experiments into promising new technologies and the science behind them.

The power of decision patterns is better caught than taught.  Please contact the Decision Driven® Solutions team at trial@decisiondriven.com or solutions@decisiondriven.com to start your free trial of DDSF.  Experiment with our decision patterns and we believe that you will never return to your old way of starting a new project.

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