Reporting from the 29th NBIA International Conference on Business Incubation

This week three members of the Decision Driven® Solutions team (John Fitch, Ron Carter, Bruce Lerner) are attending the 29th NBIA International Conference on Business Incubation in Denver, Colorado.  We are here exhibiting the Decision Driven® Solutions Framework (DDSF) to the conference delegates, most of whom lead business incubators and accelerators around the globe.

We are sharing our booth with Scott Phillips of The SearchLite® who uses DDSF as the software platform for his Market Discovery Platform services.  These services help start-ups de-risk their venture  through Value Proposition Design, Customer Discovery, Product-Market Fit and Target Market Validation.

During last evening’s opening reception, we had over 20 great discussions with incubator leaders on the importance of helping entrepreneurs succeed through better decisions.  This is an exciting bunch of folks with a palpable passion for what they do.  It’s fun for us to bring the power of better decision management practices, patterns and tools to the incubator community.

We are offering a free 60-day trial of DDSF to any incubator during which we will come along side of one of their start-ups, reverse engineer a Decision Breakdown Structure (DBS) from the business plan or other documents, coach the entrepreneur through one high-priority current decision using our tools and also build a roadmap that plans the next phase of growth for the company.

Here’s a link to our Partners page with the conference brochure that describes our (Decision Driven® Solutions and The SearchLite®) joint offerings to the business incubation community.

If you missed the NBIA conference, but would still like to participate in a DDSF trial, please contact us at or

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