Decide your Smart City Future!

I recently attended the Smart Cities Week in Washington DC.  This outstanding conference featured a great mix of leaders from government and industry sharing their insights and solutions on how to leverage technology to transform the way city-dwellers live and work.

Smart City projects are clearly a team sport.  Whether you are a city leader, solutions integrator or citizen advocate, your Smart City vision depends on many moving parts. To realize that vision and create that legacy you will identify, analyze, align and implement 100+ decisions. These decisions bring together:

  • A wide range of stakeholders with competing priorities; increased scrutiny from all parties
  • A host of suppliers pushing their own agendas
  • New technologies beyond your current expertise
  • Hard-to-visualize interactions between these technologies and your current processes
  • Hard-to-quantify effects on the daily lives of your citizens
  • A huge wave of data to organize, comprehend and monitor
  • The need to balance tough constraints (funding, timing, cultural, legal)
  • The need to pivot, adapt and grow as you implement your Smart City roadmap

The decisions you make will create your Smart City future!  You need a framework to visualize and proactively manage these decisions, to enable collaboration and foster innovation around each choice and to accelerate your Smart City vision into reality.

I left the conference convinced that the Decision Driven® Solutions Framework (DDSF) can provide a one-stop-shop for Smart City thinking with seamless traceability between stakeholder needs, project requirements, decisions, alternative solutions, implementation plans and long-range roadmaps. This creates a “living” Smart City plan, powered by continuous collaboration between citizen stakeholders, city officials and solution providers.

SmartCity Energy Roadmap

If you are eager to turn your Smart City roadmap into reality, please contact the Decision Driven® Solutions team at or  We would be happy to help you build a living roadmap and jump-start your Smart City vision.

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