Strategic vs Operational Dashboards

It seems that management dashboards have been a popular business topic for well over a decade.  Senior managers are looking for any edge that will keep them ahead of the disruptive changes that their businesses face.

Strategic vs Operational Dashboards

Three of my more popular posts since 2008  address  aspects of the dashboard phenomenon:

Turn your business dashboard into a cockpit

Strategic vs operational excellence

Strategic Due Diligence – Decisions are the ultimate leading indicators

If you read these three posts in one setting, you’ll see they share some big ideas:

  • Your decisions create your future – you should manage them proactively.
  • Seeking continuous operational excellence through incremental improvements doesn’t guarantee strategic excellence. (or survival)
  • Strategic decisions call for a different management (and dashboard) paradigm than operational decisions / performance.

At a minimum, your management dashboard should expose the top 10 decisions for your business/project, communicate their current status and project the anticipated results of these decisions (estimated outcomes of the preferred alternatives) against key business and technical metrics.

We have created (and are refining with customer input) a Dashboard view for our Decision Driven® Solutions Framework that includes lots of typical business and project metrics (e.g. requirements traceability and compliance), hot-spot charts to identify changing information and stop-light charts to communicate problem/risk areas.  But our dashboard is unique; it can also highlight your future-creating decisions and share your best estimates of where these decisions will lead you.

It’s doubtful that you woke up this morning thinking, “I need a better decision management dashboard”, but it might be the leap ahead that makes all the difference for your business.

Look for our “official” Dashboard product announcement soon.

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