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Transform your thinking

Really important changes start in our minds.  If you are attempting to transform your business, create disruptive innovations or make a significant difference in some grand challenge, you will most likely be limited by your fundamental thinking skills.  That’s not … Continue reading

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Decisions = learning that lasts

This week I was reminded of the importance of lifelong learning and further convinced that a well-framed decision is one of the best ways to pass on skills to others.  I found myself on this train of thought after reading … Continue reading

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Big Ideas: Decision Management

Because Decision Management (DM) is not widely recognized as a first-tier management or technical process, I often have to restate the Big Ideas on which DM is based. For each idea (assertion of a truth that I’ve found useful), I’ve … Continue reading

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Ecosystem Design: Technical and Business Architectures

This week I’ve had ecosystems on the brain.  It started with an excellent discussion with a customer who is eagerly waiting for the release of our N-Squared tool so that he can model, better understand and communicate the business architecture … Continue reading

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