Transform your thinking

Really important changes start in our minds.  If you are attempting to transform your business, create disruptive innovations or make a significant difference in some grand challenge, you will most likely be limited by your fundamental thinking skills.  That’s not to trash passion or persistence, but even the most motivated among us need clear-eyed and integrative thinking to put together the pieces of the puzzle that creates our future.


There is nothing hidden about my beliefs in this area – your future is created by your decisions, so Decision Management skills are the real differentiators that will set you apart as an entrepreneur, executive, strategist, innovator or engineer.

As I have often noted (perhaps lamented or whined), the cross-cutting skills of Decision Management are not generally perceived as a single integrated process or first-tier business capability.  Strategic Planning is considered a first-order business process.  So is Portfolio Management.  Requirements Management rules the roost in most Engineering organizations. Design Thinking has attracted a large and passionate following. Project Management has its own discipline, certification regime and published Body of Knowledge. Risk Management is highly regarded as well.

But DECISIONS cut across all of these processes, provide the glue that ties them together and the engine that powers them all.  You can’t do any of these processes well without great Decision Management skills.  And you can improve your personal and organizational Decision Management capabilities by at least 10X (speed, quality, creativity, buy-in) with a commitment to become an eager and lifelong learner in this area.

At Decision Driven® Solutions, we understand that individuals have lots of ways to learn new skills.  To promote Decision Management understanding, we offer a University Plan in which we will provide our software tool suite, the Decision Driven® Solutions Framework (DDSF), at no charge as part of a business or engineering curriculum.  We’ll help you (the professor) apply one of our decision patterns to your course materials and co-design a hands-on exercise or team project that utilizes these patterns and builds leading-edge thinking skills into your students.

For corporate clients, we offer a free jump-start trial in which we do the heavy lifting:

  • Reverse engineer a part of your strategy or product design against our proven decision patterns.
  • Facilitate you through a current, high-priority decision
  • Build a roadmap of your strategy or product to plan your next set of chess moves.

This “learn-while-doing” approach creates both skills and immediate, tangible value for your organization.

We’re planning a set of outreach webinars to provide another venue for learning our Big Ideas and how to creatively apply them to your world.

Our Getting Started Guides provide a good summary of the key concepts and skills for those of you who are highly motivated and prefer to take the “self-taught” path.

Of course, I write this blog as an informal outreach on behalf of better thinking skills.

While I would love to sell you lots of software tools to help you scale up your Decision Management capabilities and integrate them into your future-creating business processes, I know that long-term lasting change starts in your brain.  I encourage you to plug into one of our educational tracks to accelerate your growth.

About decisiondriven

Innovator in Decision Management, Systems Thinking and System Engineering methods and tools
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