Decision Driven® Services

Decision Driven® Solutions exists to help you (our customer) accelerate your ideas into world-transforming solutions. To enable this vision, we combine our unique and powerful tools with truly transformational services that include Decision Driven® methods training, project jumpstarts, knowledge pattern development and refinement, process design and customized software applications and integrations.

Our Decision Driven® Services are powered by a set of lean methods that accelerate the completion of complex engineering and strategy tasks. These methods leverage the Decision Driven® Information Architecture to integrate each class of engineering and strategy knowledge into one unified and seamless picture of your project, product or business – one picture that will yield new insights and trigger innovation.

DECISION DRIVEN® STRATEGY: Decision Driven® Strategy offers a unique approach to strategic roadmapping of technologies, capabilities, products, platforms and business plans. We focus first on the decisions behind your roadmap. These decisions provide a living framework from which to forecast and proactively manage change. Roadmaps are created as views of “decisions put to time”. Our strategic roadmapping jump-start delivers immediate results and grows lasting capabilities:

  • PATTERNS: We use our proven decision and roadmap patterns to rapidly create a Decision Breakdown Structure (DBS) that captures the essence your business.
  • PROCESS: We teach you one simple, powerful, integrated method for managing strategic decisions and roadmaps.
  • PARTNERSHIP: We offer flexible jump-start engagements tuned to meet your objectives. We’ll do the heavy-lifting to capture your strategic baseline. Action-learning workshops will deliver world-class strategic roadmapping skills. We will facilitate tough decisions, guide process deployment and help you gain insights and harvest patterns for future use.

DECISION DRIVEN® INNOVATION: A Decision Breakdown Structure (DBS) is a decomposition of a complex problem into a set of discrete, well-framed decisions. Each decision is a fundamental question or issue that demands an answer or solution. Our Decision Driven® Innovation services leverage the DBS as a framework for creating breakthrough solutions.

DECISION DRIVEN® DESIGN: The success of your next product development project depends on how quickly and well you can identify, plan and make a set of critical decisions. Our Decision Driven® Design services will help you create a Decision Breakdown Structure (DBS) for your project by leveraging our proven decision patterns. The DBS will provide you a comprehensive evaluation framework to guide and accelerate your design process, focus resources on the most critical decisions and help you plan modeling, simulation and prototyping efforts to better inform these decisions.

DECISION DRIVEN® ARCHITECTURE: How much value could you create if every new product, instead of being a “one-of-a-kind” design, could be architected to serve as a platform for an entire product line? Think of the benefits!

DECISION DRIVEN® PROJECT JUMPSTARTS: Each of our project jumpstarts follow a proven engagement model that ensures that your project objectives will be met. We start by mapping your engineering and strategy knowledge against our Decision Driven® Information Architecture. We capture your legacy data within the Decision Driven® Solutions Framework and create a Decision Breakdown Structure (DBS) based on a set of proven decision patterns.

After refining the DBS with your stakeholders and subject matter experts, we will train your project team in Decision Driven® methods and tools using your live project data. These action learning sessions ensure that you learn new skills while making real progress on your project decisions.

We will continue to coach you to success on high priority decisions until you master the skills needed. As you spread your wings, we will fade into the background and help you with design reviews, lessons learned and next-steps planning. These next steps may include:

Decision Driven® Services are based on:

  • A proven decision pattern for strategy, services and product and process development
  • Easy to use tools to manage your decisions and the needs/requirements that drive them.
  • Secure Cloud/SaaS delivery

The results can be dramatic:

  • Faster decisions – reduce time to market and time to capability
  • Better decisions – don’t miss important factors
  • Visible decisions – keep your team in sync
  • Breakthrough solutions – innovate everywhere
  • Aligned strategies – everyone pulling the same direction
  • Continuous learning – share and reuse your best thinking
  • Out-think your customers – anticipate their needs

So what are you waiting for?  Start your free trial of the Decision Driven® Solutions Framework (DDSF) today. Please contact the Decision Driven® Solutions team at or

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