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Decisions have consequences!

My wife and I recently returned from 12 days in Hawaii where we celebrated 40 years of marriage.  I was very disciplined to avoid doing any real work during that time, rather concentrated on enjoying the sensory overload that the … Continue reading

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Manage the time lag between decisions and their outcomes

We all know intuitively that the decisions that we make today won’t change our businesses or lives immediately.  There is a time lag between the point at which we make a decision (i.e. commit to a specific alternative and commit … Continue reading

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All requirements are derived requirements

Every requirement that you will ever face can be traced to an upstream decision; all requirements are derived requirements.  I used to offer students in my Decision Driven® Design workshops a large cash prize if they could name a requirement that … Continue reading

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Life Roadmaps – Managing Dependencies

I’ve been populating a sample Life Roadmap within the Decision Driven® Life web service for a fictional 20-something, Jim Geny.  Here’s a filtered view of this roadmap that focuses on the alignment between 3 decisions: Life Vision Talents/Skills to Develop … Continue reading

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Failure to decide is …

This morning I’ve been pondering the proverb: “Failure to decide is to decide to fail”.  Although this isn’t true in every case, it reflects the general outcome of drifting through life or business and taking the path of least resistance … Continue reading

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