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Models inform decisions

I often repeat the claim that decisions provide the context (superstructure, framework, skeleton, glue) for all other future-focused information.  Decisions create the future and anything that exists (as far as humans can reach) flows from conscious or unconscious decisions on … Continue reading

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Decision: Product Life Cycle

Every product has a life cycle, the phases, stages or states that it goes through from “cradle to grave”.  In the Decision Driven® Solutions Framework (DDSF), we have a Life Cycle branch of decisions under the Product Concept.  The top-level of that … Continue reading

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Decisions create requirements

I have two wonderful grandsons, Luke (4) and Eli (2).   They are a joy to watch, but extremely curious.  So I’m preparing myself for the day when Luke hops into my lap and asks the birds and the bees question, … Continue reading

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