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Innovate between the gates

Based on booth and lunchtime discussions, many of the attendees at the Product Development Management Association (PDMA) annual conference in Disneyland had both a passion for innovation and an acute realization of their need to efficiently manage their new product … Continue reading

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Manage knowledge, not documents

I stopped thinking much about documents 20+ years ago.  I know that most business processes still demand them (stage-gate, systems engineering, new product development, government contracting, proposals, etc.).  I know that lots of effort is expended in maintaining document templates, … Continue reading

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Decision: Process Initiatives

Most successful organizations invest regularly in process initiatives that grow their core competencies.  The past few years a lot of companies have burnt their budget for such things on six sigma, lean “whatever” or various gate process frameworks.  All of … Continue reading

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Gates don’t accelerate

Many companies use a product development process that includes a series of gates.  At each gate they conduct a gate review to determine whether the product is ready for the next phase of development; if not they send it back … Continue reading

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Methods-based mentoring of entrepreneurs

Generally speaking, there are 2 types of effective consultants in the world.  First, there are subject matter experts, those who have deep experience in some industry or technology domain, who have “been there, done that”.  Second, there are methods-based consultants who use … Continue reading

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