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Balancing factors for situation success

I’ve been blessed in life with the opportunity to tackle a diverse set of me-stretching challenges.  Perhaps I sought these out by saying “Yes, I can do that!” a bit hastily, but I’ve never considered a perceived-by-others failure to be … Continue reading

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Decision: Tools for X

We all use tools to help us in business or life.  What factors should I consider when I’m faced with an important tool selection decision?  How can I avoid being “snowed” by a salesperson’s pitch and by the gleaming (but not terribly useful) … Continue reading

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Thinking tools for thinking people

The human race is a race of tool-builders.  Archeologists, anthropologists and paleontologists describe ancient populations in terms of their technologies; the tools that they shaped to give them some advantage over their environment. The Decision Driven® Solutions Framework (DDSF) is … Continue reading

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Calling all mentors

Are you a mentor?  I realistic about the likelihood that millions of individuals will flock to proactive decision-making, even if provided a novel, simple and powerful set of tools. People use tools that their trusted mentors: Recommend Use personally and … Continue reading

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