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The human bias towards ACTION is very strong. But what distinguishes us from the beasts is our ability to THINK, i.e. envision a range of possible futures, evaluate competing alternatives and commit to a specific vision of the future before … Continue reading

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Decisions = learning that lasts

This week I was reminded of the importance of lifelong learning and further convinced that a well-framed decision is one of the best ways to pass on skills to others.  I found myself on this train of thought after reading … Continue reading

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Be a special projects hero

Fame. We all want to live forever.  But it’s best if we do that by making a real difference in something that matters. Many successful professionals are tapped to be members of a “Special Project” team at some point in … Continue reading

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Where do decisions end and implementation details begin?

Decisions are the human thinking process by which we create the future.  The more skilled you become at managing your business, your project or your life as a network of decisions, the more you will see that a truly comprehensive … Continue reading

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